Your Story in Color Energy

Prepare your journal and pen ahead of time and enter a sacred space within. Take note of the feelings that come up as you move up through the layers of awareness. This is a color meditation, working with the energy centers or chakras one by one. We begin by deep breathing into the earth star chakra, about a foot beneath the feet in the ground. This is your guiding light for your life on earth.

This mediation is light encoded for your highest good and healing.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Breathe in to your rooted, grounded awareness with the earth. Feel the roots expanding down your legs and deep into the earth. Feel the light of your life shining up through the earth star chakra, rising up, glowing through all your energy points in the body and out the top of your head. You are a glowing being of light, full of resonant colors and energies to dive into and work with.

Place your hands in the center your pelvis, the base, your root. Dive in with your awareness to this pool of rich red glow. See the roots flowing down your legs and deep into the ground. Feel into this space within you. A place where, you may have felt scared for your survival or unsure of your place in this world. A place where, you feel your place among humanity and draw support from being grounded in the earth as she holds you. Ask your consciousness in this space, how can I best support this energy center and deepen my earth connection?

Bring your hands to your lower belly, just an inch or two from where they were. If you are a woman, connect with your womb. See yourself in this space within you. Feel yourself being cradled by the deep orange glow, swirling creative energy all around you. Feel your emotions, in all their glory, guiding you through each moment of your life. Your experience is sacred. Your body is sacred. Feel this sensations that come from this area – ask your consciousness, are there feelings I have overlooked in myself that are choosing to express now?

Shifting your hands to your solar plexus, your inner sun, at your upper belly, feel the sun shining brightly from within. This bright yellow inner sun empowers you. Is the sun shining brightly or is it clouded over? See yourself with the power to turn the dial up or down on this light, and turn it to its maximum brightness. Growing this light in strength and warmth, you are all that you need, you are strong, you are worthy. Bask in this powerful light. Ask your consciousness how you can amplify your light.

Placing your hands over your heart, opening the heart portal to a stream of glowing green-gold light. The portal is wide open and this green-gold love light is flowing throughout your entire body, all around you, and filling the room. Love is swirling all around, healing old wounds and alchemizing them into pure gold. Every moment is in divine order and brought you right here to this place. Ask your consciousness, what veils have I placed over my heart in attempt to protect myself? Thank these veils and release them as you are safe to give love freely to others and yourself. Hold yourself with compassion – you are a beautiful, perfect, eternal soul of light. Give love to your human experience.

Gently lay your hands on your throat. Sense the bright blue hue that glows when you honor your truth. Observe streams of higher truth and words of love flowing from this space as waves of light information. Feel the sensations of truth and integrity as they ripple through all areas of your life. Ask your consciousness, what may I do to honor and live my highest truth?

Hold your hands to your third eye in your forehead. Feel the beam of indigo light coming from this place, creating your reality like a laser beam, seen and unseen, noticed and unnoticed. Swirl through this light beam as it flows like an ocean, seeing the reflections you’ve mirrored back to you through others. Float peacefully or swim in the ocean of your inner vision. Let this salty water bless and cleanse any illusions that are no longer serving you. Watch the illusions as they float away and become one with the ocean. What have I been unwilling to see?

Place your hands at the top of your head, with your palms facing upward. See your white-violet, thousand petal lotus, gently unfolding and opening up to the cosmic I AM. You are a sacred infinite being of light. Opening to all of the atmosphere, the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond all of creation, out to infinity, beyond all limitations, one with source. Ask to be shown any limiting beliefs that have kept you feeling smaller than you truly are. Thank them and let them go. You are free to be all that you are.

See the white light beaming up from below your feet, up through this column of light, and out the top of your head. Bask in this limitless glow, your inner rainbow, your beauty and your sacred breath.


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