New Offering: Embodiment Support Sessions

Recently I shared a quick visualization to draw power into the body, otherwise known as embodiment, and we do this by focusing on the union of Earth and Cosmic energies in the heart space. This process can bring us to deeper connection and increased power with our authentic self. We come to empower our physicalContinue reading “New Offering: Embodiment Support Sessions”

Cosmic Flow, Stable Earth: Embodiment

Breathing in deeply, bring your awareness to the white glow of cosmic consciousness that emanates from above your head, watching it shine down through the crown. Bring your awareness of this movement into the body, being fully present within your skin. Watch this flow downward through the body, sinking deep into the roots that connectContinue reading “Cosmic Flow, Stable Earth: Embodiment”

Returning to the Land, A Call to Adventure

Running through the tunnel of bended forsythia in the woods behind my childhood home, I could feel the heartbeat of the land pulsing through me. I could feel the spirits of the land coming to life through my playfulness and laughter. I could feel them with me in every step, feeling their sacred existence enmeshedContinue reading “Returning to the Land, A Call to Adventure”