Crystal Bed Invocation

Close your eyes. Find yourself right where you are. Be in that moment and sink into it. Release all your concerns, questions, to do lists, newsfeeds, and happenings. Watch them pull away from you and float off with a light breeze. Be here, now. In your body, comfortable and calm. Content.

Send your root out, down into the precious earth. Deep through the layers of soil and clay, deep into the heart of the earth. Connect with the crystal beds here, see the caves of sparkling crystalline love, glowing. Accessing the deep memories that reside here. Breathe in the pure love of creation. Feel that pure, warm love reach into every cell of your body. Lighting up every cell. And as that light reaches up into every part of you, reaching from root to crown, see this light pouring out your crown and reaching up into the cosmos.

Feel your energy glowing up through the heavens. Feel the expansive cosmic energy swirling down into your glowing body of light. Every cell becomes a universe unto itself. Expand! All possibilities are within you, waiting to be seen.

Come into your heart. As the Mother Earth and Father Sky energies meet in your heart and coalesce into perfect balance, send out that big love to all of creation. This love is returned to you ten fold. Sit with this for a few moments and just breathe.

I AM all that I AM.

And so it is.

Blessings beloveds šŸ™šŸ’œšŸ’«


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