I am a healer…

I am a healer. My own healer. I choose the avenues that I drive my body vehicle down. I don’t have to engage with harmful energies, foods, experiences if I don’t want to. I have the ability to take responsibility for my own self – my awakened self. I take responsibility for my thoughts, always, as they generate my perception of my reality.

I think if anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that there really are two sides to every coin. We can see the dark or we can choose to see the light in all things. Seeing both sides of the coin is critical to shadow release. I see you, dark side, and I choose to see the light after transmuting the darkness. Release.

I choose to dive deeper into my experiences that created my soul tapestry across time and space.

Each and every experience has brought me to this very moment and made me the warrior I am today. All is sacred and true in this dance.

you are your own best healer.


Soul Retrieval

Soul loss is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease. Who takes care of our spirit when it gets sick? We have doctors for the body, for the mind, and for the heart, but what do we do when our spirit is ailing? … Around the world and across many cultures, a person who deals with the spiritual aspect of illness is a shaman. A shaman diagnoses and treats illness, divines information, communicates and interacts with the spirit world, and occasionally acts as a psychopomp, that is, a person who helps souls cross over to the other world.

Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retreival – Mending the Fragmented Self

If you’re feeling dis-empowered, that something in your life is missing, and you’re ready to make a change in your life, you may find that soul retrieval work is exactly what you have been looking for. This is in depth work for those truly seeking to restore their power.

Soul Retrieval, along with power animal retrieval, is a cross-cultural healing technique that has been used by shamans around the planet for thousands of years in the event of traumatic experience. In ancient shamanic cultures, the soul loss would be treated in this way within three days of the trauma.

Unlike the ancient cultures, our society has not placed importance on care for the soul. Consequently, soul loss creates more soul loss, as we tend to repeat painful patterns, because we are subconsciously searching for that loss in power. Many times, loss of power can cause us to feel depressed and even create physical symptoms in the body. When we reintegrate that lost power through soul retrieval work, we can continue on our journey to wholeness.

Most of us have had soul loss as we’ve made our way through life, beginning in childhood, sometimes even infancy. The outcomes of painful, traumatic experiences vary between each individual, but soul loss can be experienced when there’s been fear, injury or accidents, emotional or physical abuse, injury or death of loved ones, co-dependent relationships or any other event that causes shock or pain. What causes soul loss in one may not cause this in another. It is actually a survival mechanism, as the soul or our essence, sends a part of us away – out to the spirit realms, as to not experience the full force of that trauma. Soul loss is actually a good thing at the time of the trauma, as it is a protection measure of the psyche. What is important to know is that we can do the work to call our wholeness back.

The results will vary from person to person — but most commonly, people report feeling more present in their body, more empowered, more grounded, or having their joy returned to them. Many times, this can set you on the course to finding your soul’s purpose, giving your life deeper meaning.

Sometimes, feelings can come on strong after this work, so it’s important to have a support system in your life, if you find you need to work through those emotions. As a person begins to feel more whole, more present in their life, they may begin to see which patterns are disharmonious to their life, or out of balance. When we are numb, we may be aware that things are not right, but it is easy to distract ourselves and avoid getting to the core issue. When we are fully present, there is nowhere left to hide and we can face these patterns with full awareness and inspiration. The biggest benefit of soul retrieval will be the return of the gifts and power that belong to you. This is your right, as a spiritual being having a human experience.

When you decide this is right for you, we will spend some time talking about what brought you to this work and what your intentions are for yourself. I begin by doing an energy clearing to open up the inner windows that will facilitate your healing journey. This gives us insight on where to focus going forward. Next, I will preform the shamanic practice that brings these lost parts back. It is your choice if you wish to continue working with me, developing your own inner power, as I will share some of these shamanic tools with you at the second session and beyond.

Soul retrieval is not a quick fix – once the soul parts are brought back, that is when your work begins! We will work together to build on the return of your personal power and inner light. It is a beautiful process that unfolds in magical ways!

New Offering: Embodiment Support Sessions

Recently I shared a quick visualization to draw power into the body, otherwise known as embodiment, and we do this by focusing on the union of Earth and Cosmic energies in the heart space. This process can bring us to deeper connection and increased power with our authentic self. We come to empower our physical body and our spiritual being as one total and complete experience – a full circuit. Never before has it been so important to be truly present in the body, as the energy of the times seems to pull us out and distract our focus. The body presents challenges and we often try to avoid, rather than experience to learn what our body is trying to show us. Embodiment can take you through this process in a grounded and healthy way, so you’re not floating in the clouds as your spiritual awareness is pulled elsewhere.

This process of learning to exist in this state and hold this higher frequency in the body, in a balanced and conscious way, isn’t achieved overnight. Be gentle with yourself, always. As I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship; there is no spiritual aspirin. There is no quick fix – you have to do the work. Slowly, patiently, you build each new experience on the last, follow the threads, and connect the dots of your personal climb to power in this life. Each mission, purpose and direction is unique to you, your soul’s work and what you’re learning & achieving in this lifetime. There is no one size fits all approach. Your spiritual awareness and body awareness are directly connected to how smoothly you move through this incarnation.

Through this experiential awareness that I gathered in my life on my own body-mind-heart quest, I am called to offer support sessions to my fellow traveler, on their journey to embodiment through personalized, one on one embodiment mentoring sessions.

Embodiment offers us the keys to awakening and dreaming awake. Responsible creatorship is where you are driving your life instead of life driving you. We can choose where we put our energy and learn to maintain healthy boundaries in this changing world. There’s so many gifts to a balanced energy body that is flowing clearly and purposefully.

What will a session look like?
First, I will do an energy reading/clearing just prior to our appointment, to see where your current strengths and opportunities are in your energy body. We will meet on Zoom (or phone, if preferred) to have a deep connective conversation. I will be spiritual witness with compassion and respect for your journey and through deep listening, offer support. In our appointment we will go through a personalized, guided meditation, to empower you with the visualizations to break through blockages and protections. This practice will allow you to experience your true self in a deeper, fuller way. We will cultivate your practice to bring you home to yourself, and learn to stand tall in these changing times.

We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – your preference. Each session will build on the next, as we work through the energy centers of the body and learn to master each state of awareness. No commitment – just active co-creation!


Cosmic Flow, Stable Earth: Embodiment

Breathing in deeply, bring your awareness to the white glow of cosmic consciousness that emanates from above your head, watching it shine down through the crown. Bring your awareness of this movement into the body, being fully present within your skin. Watch this flow downward through the body, sinking deep into the roots that connect you with the Heart of the Earth. Feel into these roots. Sense the upward flow of stability and with a deep breath, breathe up that beautiful Earth energy that keeps us solid in these dynamic times.

Find yourself here, fully centered in the heart, all your aspects of consciousness brought to this very one moment, in this one breath. Cosmic consciousness in the body, stabilized by the grounding nature of the Earth, you are supported fully. Your body is the sacred, physical expression of your ancient soul. Breathe out all that troubles you, open to receive the pure love of being in the body in this now moment. One with all.

embodiment invocation, higher heart

The practice of centering oneself firmly in the body while drawing in the cosmic flow is the key to embodiment. Living fully in the human form while incorporating the higher levels of consciousness is something many of us are working to master in this life time. How to balance the graceful ways of being, the calm in the storm.

There is so much frenetic energy out there right now, pulling us in every direction it feels like. Some days it is so potent, it seems like we might just lift off the ground! Thoughts scattered, fears circling us like big cats stalking prey. These are the days we should draw ever deeper into our body, into a divine state of BEing. These are the days we feel like we should be DOing, fixing, tending, making. And yes, being proactive is often a useful mechanism in the Earth realm but first we should check in. Am I acting in fear or grace?

Asking yourself, fear or grace, can be difficult when we are afraid – more so if we are angry. If you dig deep enough under anger, fear is hiding like a little child. Anger is the defense mechanism we built around fear to keep us protected in a state of triggered survival. So on some level we can see how from an evolutionary perspective, fear and anger have protected us. The call at this time is to move through the fear and anger, as it can paralyze and stunt our growth if we stay too long – and move into a state of allowing; divine neutrality. When we move to a neutral state of allowing a situation to play out as it is meant to play out, we will be open to receive necessary lessons, blessings, and experiences.

So when we feel that compelling energy to do, do, do – we first want to come into our body fully to integrate these higher consciousness energies. They tend to activate us and stimulate our bodies, feeling the surge of energy, and this may present as a familiar anxious feeling in the chest. Heart expansions will happen when you are working to embody these higher, deeper, more expanded states of Pure Love. Because that is exactly what this wild creation is, Pure Love. Sometimes if we are too focused on doing, we may feel exhausted and overworked. This may be a sign that rest and integration is necessary.

If you are feeling pulled between either of these extremes, either exhausted or wired (sometimes both!) it may be a good time to use the above embodiment invocation. This will bring you back to center so you can mindfully proceed in your day, or peacefully get some much needed rest. Call in your guides and your ancestors to support you in this transition and know they are there for you. It only takes a few breaths to move through this visualization and energy balancing.

When we call in the connection to All, we speak of all beings – the trees, the stones, the grass, the ocean, the sky, the stars, animals, loving spirits, all of our ancestors – human and nonhuman – generations before and after, through out and across time. May what we connect with be in our highest good, for the betterment of ourselves and all beings. Balance. And so it is.

Many blessings on this day, I love you.

Returning to the Land, A Call to Adventure


Running through the tunnel of bended forsythia in the woods behind my childhood home, I could feel the heartbeat of the land pulsing through me. I could feel the spirits of the land coming to life through my playfulness and laughter. I could feel them with me in every step, feeling their sacred existence enmeshed with my own. As children we answer the call to adventure without a second thought, as it is our natural state.

Renewing this divine state of being is our highest honor while on this Earth. As we move through the phases of our lives, we pass through lessons and experiences that bring us increased understanding and spiritual fortitude. We learn personal responsibility and spiritual maturity, discernment and accessing universal wisdom while in the body. We learn to be a temple for the divine spark in us, as an eternal soul in a body. Through all this, we accumulate wounds and traumas, protection mechanisms and seriousness.

How often do you put a pause on your learned, adult behaviors and fall into the rhythm of Being? Allowing yourself to be swept away in the rhythmic movement of human essence, pure soul in body, in union with the Earth. Running, playing, jumping. Climbing that big rock and declaring yourself King of the Castle, hugging a tree because it feels good, talking to the spirits of the land. They might not talk back right away, it’s good to go with reverence and without expectations – but they may just send you a special little sign to let you know they heard your call. Listen with the innocent heart of a child, finding magic in all things, the hawk that flies overhead at just the right moment or a chipmunk freaking you out by moving in a moment of stillness and meditation. Building relationship with the spirits of the land in a lighthearted manner can be the juiciest thing you do this year.

Other ways you can reach out and connect with the land:
-barefoot walks
-singing, rattling, drumming to an elemental: a river, a stone, the sky, the tree beings
-bringing an offering of herbs, stones, or even a strand of your hair! Truth be told I often leave my hair because it is abundant and always with me! 😉
-silent observation, sitting with nature and observing all her beauty
-laying on the earth, heart-to-heart, sending out that love and desire to connect in a more authentic way
-holding your hands to a large stone or boulder and sending your love to that stone, for holding all the information in its solid existence and magnetic memory all through time. More on this another time!

What are some ways you’ve connected with the land in a deeper way? How can you answer the call to adventure, rediscover your natural rhythm?

While I have you, I did a fun thing! You can catch me on my friend Conrad’s podcast, Conrad. My episode can be found here, titled Rewrite Your Story. I had a lot of fun doing this, and maybe I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, that’s alright. Maybe next time 😉 Lots of love and many blessings to all.

Your Story in Color Energy

Prepare your journal and pen ahead of time and enter a sacred space within. Take note of the feelings that come up as you move up through the layers of awareness. This is a color meditation, working with the energy centers or chakras one by one. We begin by deep breathing into the earth star chakra, about a foot beneath the feet in the ground. This is your guiding light for your life on earth.

This mediation is light encoded for your highest good and healing.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Breathe in to your rooted, grounded awareness with the earth. Feel the roots expanding down your legs and deep into the earth. Feel the light of your life shining up through the earth star chakra, rising up, glowing through all your energy points in the body and out the top of your head. You are a glowing being of light, full of resonant colors and energies to dive into and work with.

Place your hands in the center your pelvis, the base, your root. Dive in with your awareness to this pool of rich red glow. See the roots flowing down your legs and deep into the ground. Feel into this space within you. A place where, you may have felt scared for your survival or unsure of your place in this world. A place where, you feel your place among humanity and draw support from being grounded in the earth as she holds you. Ask your consciousness in this space, how can I best support this energy center and deepen my earth connection?

Bring your hands to your lower belly, just an inch or two from where they were. If you are a woman, connect with your womb. See yourself in this space within you. Feel yourself being cradled by the deep orange glow, swirling creative energy all around you. Feel your emotions, in all their glory, guiding you through each moment of your life. Your experience is sacred. Your body is sacred. Feel this sensations that come from this area – ask your consciousness, are there feelings I have overlooked in myself that are choosing to express now?

Shifting your hands to your solar plexus, your inner sun, at your upper belly, feel the sun shining brightly from within. This bright yellow inner sun empowers you. Is the sun shining brightly or is it clouded over? See yourself with the power to turn the dial up or down on this light, and turn it to its maximum brightness. Growing this light in strength and warmth, you are all that you need, you are strong, you are worthy. Bask in this powerful light. Ask your consciousness how you can amplify your light.

Placing your hands over your heart, opening the heart portal to a stream of glowing green-gold light. The portal is wide open and this green-gold love light is flowing throughout your entire body, all around you, and filling the room. Love is swirling all around, healing old wounds and alchemizing them into pure gold. Every moment is in divine order and brought you right here to this place. Ask your consciousness, what veils have I placed over my heart in attempt to protect myself? Thank these veils and release them as you are safe to give love freely to others and yourself. Hold yourself with compassion – you are a beautiful, perfect, eternal soul of light. Give love to your human experience.

Gently lay your hands on your throat. Sense the bright blue hue that glows when you honor your truth. Observe streams of higher truth and words of love flowing from this space as waves of light information. Feel the sensations of truth and integrity as they ripple through all areas of your life. Ask your consciousness, what may I do to honor and live my highest truth?

Hold your hands to your third eye in your forehead. Feel the beam of indigo light coming from this place, creating your reality like a laser beam, seen and unseen, noticed and unnoticed. Swirl through this light beam as it flows like an ocean, seeing the reflections you’ve mirrored back to you through others. Float peacefully or swim in the ocean of your inner vision. Let this salty water bless and cleanse any illusions that are no longer serving you. Watch the illusions as they float away and become one with the ocean. What have I been unwilling to see?

Place your hands at the top of your head, with your palms facing upward. See your white-violet, thousand petal lotus, gently unfolding and opening up to the cosmic I AM. You are a sacred infinite being of light. Opening to all of the atmosphere, the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond all of creation, out to infinity, beyond all limitations, one with source. Ask to be shown any limiting beliefs that have kept you feeling smaller than you truly are. Thank them and let them go. You are free to be all that you are.

See the white light beaming up from below your feet, up through this column of light, and out the top of your head. Bask in this limitless glow, your inner rainbow, your beauty and your sacred breath.

Crystal Bed Invocation

Close your eyes. Find yourself right where you are. Be in that moment and sink into it. Release all your concerns, questions, to do lists, newsfeeds, and happenings. Watch them pull away from you and float off with a light breeze. Be here, now. In your body, comfortable and calm. Content.

Send your root out, down into the precious earth. Deep through the layers of soil and clay, deep into the heart of the earth. Connect with the crystal beds here, see the caves of sparkling crystalline love, glowing. Accessing the deep memories that reside here. Breathe in the pure love of creation. Feel that pure, warm love reach into every cell of your body. Lighting up every cell. And as that light reaches up into every part of you, reaching from root to crown, see this light pouring out your crown and reaching up into the cosmos.

Feel your energy glowing up through the heavens. Feel the expansive cosmic energy swirling down into your glowing body of light. Every cell becomes a universe unto itself. Expand! All possibilities are within you, waiting to be seen.

Come into your heart. As the Mother Earth and Father Sky energies meet in your heart and coalesce into perfect balance, send out that big love to all of creation. This love is returned to you ten fold. Sit with this for a few moments and just breathe.

I AM all that I AM.

And so it is.

Blessings beloveds 🙏💜💫

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

How are you all feeling today? Yesterday we experienced a huge influx of light energy. Hours after the lunar eclipse, we had a sizable solar flare (M class) as well. The cosmic energies are aligning and working in concert to bring us the upgrades we need to expand our awareness. The sun is like our consciousness projector, shining higher consciousness information down for us to receive and integrate. When a solar flare is released from the sun, it brings light information with it. Solar flares can be experienced as activation/upgrade packets of sent to us from the sun.

We are all receivers for this information in this electromagnetic universe. Much like wifi and our devices – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There is information on the wifi we choose to engage with, and so much we don’t engage with as well. Likewise, we can choose to work with this subtle energy field, engage with what applies to us and discard what doesn’t. When we do inner work and process through personal revelation (those realization “aha!” moments that are personal to us and our own journey), we get clearer on what the information is that we are receiving. With that information, we begin to perceive and interact with life in a higher, expanded way. We are all at different places in this journey; some perceive differently than others, that is what makes us unique and our tapestry expansive. No journey is wrong. Just different. What magically complex times we are living in! There is so much to choose from. Unlimited possibilities. What will you create?

We can use this potent time to transform. You can work through this mentally or better yet, journal about it! Do a little life review. Consider where you’ve been – how has your perception expanded? When you look back over the years, can you sense the shifts in your awareness and capability now versus ten years ago? Five years ago? How about even one year ago?

How can you use these gifts of awareness to align with your purpose?

What thought pattern, behavior or belief no longer serves you & can be released? When we have something to release, we can do this by setting the intention, first and foremost. You could also write a letter to it, and symbolically send it out. Whatever it is, listen to your heart. You are your own best healer.

Blessings in this sacred time, friends. All love!

Make Your Space Sacred

When I was looking within and asking spirit for the direction of the work I was to do, what I was to share with the world, a few things came up for me – but one of them was make your space sacred. Over time, it becomes more clear to me what exactly that means and how I can help others bring that to their experience. There are so many opportunities to honor the goodness of this experience, create a space out of the ordinary day to day, that becomes sacred. I’d like to talk about some of these opportunities we have (and may already utilize) to make sacred space for ourselves in our busy lives.

The ultimate and most pure sacred space is within. No matter what is going on with the exterior world, we always have our inner world, deep in our hearts. We know that mind, body, spirit harmony is key to happiness and contentment. That means something different to each of us. I know some folks have a beautiful physical practice that brings them closer to spirit and gets their mind right – for instance, doing yoga or going for a hike in the woods, where they shed negativity and the weight of the modern world, by just being. Meditation and journeying is a wonderful way to get to your center, especially if you feel your life is hectic. People find this center in crafting too – creating with your hands can be very centering! Finding your inner calm is entirely personal. You ground yourself to the earth, you open your mind to the cosmic awareness, look into your heart and there you are – your sacred space. It is from there that you truly create your life. However you get there is entirely personal to you – but it is everywhere you go. What is it that gets you to your sacred space within?

We spend a great deal of our restorative time at home. You may find that somewhere in your home, you’ve placed some of your favorite items that make you feel closer to yourself. This can be seen as your sacred space within the home. Some might call it an altar, and put their sacred objects upon it. This could be anything: beach or river stones, shells, crystals, photos of loved ones, priceless sentimental items, anything that makes you feel closer to spirit. A beautiful connective practice is ancestor appreciation – really feeling gratitude to all the beings who came before us and those who come after us as well. Sending this love and appreciation through time is deeply healing and transformative. Traditionally, folks would even set a place at the table for their ancestors, complete with food and all! What lessons can we learn in spirit from the wise ancestors before us who lived well and died well?

I feel its important to mention that, in this sort of practice we only want to call on our loving ancestors who are of good spiritual health in the other world; not those who we may have known in this lifetime that may still struggle with so-called unfinished business.

Connection with the land you inhabit is deeply restorative to your soul and especially to your sense of belonging. When we reach out to connect with the land, the spirits there tend to feel excited! Again, this can take so many forms – gardening, for example – from a potted plant to a whole food forest – this is a great way to connect with and appreciate the land that supports you. If you’re struggling to find your place in the world, start with a little offering (even just in your heart) to the land you live upon, the Earth beneath your feet. Take a moment to say thank you. You might even take your shoes off and ground there for a moment, truly being there. You may be surprised at how good you feel.

Going back to that heart-center, that sacred space within you, when you feel that deep gratitude and it trickles through your body, is a beautiful place to be. This place is potent, full of healing and positive creation energy. What do you want to create in your life?

In my role as shamanic practitioner, creating sacred space is so important to the work I do with others. This creates a positive, healing, love-infused, spirit supported environment to open up that unlimited potential for all involved. I’ve seen this happen on a personal level, at land healings and in energy clearings in businesses! The joy for me is joining with others and creating something new together. I offer personal sessions (in person or remotely) and land/home/business clearings. This work can even be joined together, where I come to your place of choice, we can clear the space, create a sacred space, and then do some in depth personal work. What can we create together?

In a session of any kind, I create sacred space with the client by gathering in the quiet, calm moment and finding our center. We do this by first grounding into the Earth, and consciously opening up to the expansiveness that is all of creation – the Earth, the sky, the universe and beyond (I’m always in awe at how good that feels). Then, we call in the good, loving spirits that assist us in our lives here on Earth. These spirits are different for everyone – some people acknowledge/call in the directions, all beings of Earth, seen and unseen: trees, plants, animals, fairies etc., our loving ancestor spirits, God, Jesus, whatever and whoever feels right to you. Shamanism is beautiful in that way; it honors all of life, embraces all beliefs – we have our own individual path and how we walk it is entirely up to us. Shamanism embraces all of that and is completely non-conflicting. I have always felt that spirituality was an entirely individual experience – exploring the depths of shamanism really confirmed that for me. All are welcome. ❤

As part of my work in bringing people into their hearts, helping others create and hold sacred space for themselves, I am building an online shop where I’ll be adding sacred objects as inspiration comes so be on the look out for that!

Blessings on your journey!

Leveling Up

This is too funny not to share. I’m sitting here thinking about my blogging hiatus, after I’d only just begun! I am thinking about what I could share here, as life is just one wild, personally-tailored ride, am I right? In my mind I’m thinking, “level up your consciousness, that’s a great jumping off point.” and so, I open the new blog page for the first time in many months. What does appear at the bottom of the new page? A pop up from WordPress, an alert that “a new editor is coming to level up your layout.” Ha! No greater prompt than a little synchronicity, huh? I see you there, spirit. You cute.

Synchronicity – it’s a wonderful sign from the intelligent Universe that you’re in the flow. The flow that lets you know, you’re on the right track – keep going!

I’ve been going through shifts of my own, counting down the days to a much anticipated move. We’re doing some leveling up of our own, moving to a peaceful place on lots of land, with plenty of opportunity for connecting and just enjoying this life giving Earth that supports us so kindly. This week has been full of get-it-done attitude: plowing forward, checking boxes and taking care of business. Divine Masculine is working well – rising up to the challenge of task and strategy. Divine Feminine works through compassion and doing it all with joy. Balance.

Amidst all the chaos of a growing checklist, I have noticed a new peacefulness about me. Something has changed. All the work I’ve put in, physically, emotionally, and spiritually over the last two years – through multiple hardships and many battles, this phase is finally coming to it’s nexus point. It’s a leveling up! Through the turmoil (at times) of inner work, you eventually hit the top of that hill, and find a new perspective. This will bring it’s own set of new work – a new hill, if you will – but with the tools acquired on the ascent up the hill, it all seems that more manageable. Life’s all about coping mechanisms, right? Well, those coping mechanisms are learned – only through dedication to self-development. For those interested in inner work and self-development or the art of being your best self – the goal is to move through the levels of consciousness that are required to perceive life in an increasingly more healthy and balanced perspective.

With every climb up a new hill of personal development for inner well-being, there’s new tools to acquire, new lessons to learn, and the reward is a new perspective. From that new perspective, you see something new: setting your sights on things previously unimagined by you, the creator of your reality. Each time we level up our consciousness, expanding our awareness, we do receive new challenges, but with that we have our new tools to master these challenges. With every hill, comes new gifts – leveling up. And you know, back when you were standing at the bottom of the hill, it was hard to see what was ahead; you could only see this towering hill before you. It can be daunting but soon enough the picture comes clear. Then you can look back and say, “wow, look at how far I’ve come.” And that, my friends, is the magic and mystery in our humanity. Being our best self, every day. Going deeper, speaking more truthfully, and living more authentically.

Shamanic Journeying as a Tool

Soon, I’ll be holding a series of monthly workshops to teach the shamanic tool of journeying. I like to think of it as meditation but one step beyond: you go within, quiet your mind, and discover wisdom previously unknown to you, or not yet remembered. This quiet inward journey, to the steady beat of the drum as a guide, will take you to a familiar place of comfort and joy. The soothing, healing sounds of the drum lift your vibration higher as you sink into the calm.

You don’t have to be a shaman to use the shamanic tool of journeying. While a shamanic practitioner will use the journey to assist in a healing for a client, anyone can use the journey to get guidance on any issue or question for themselves. You can access this guidance and timeless wisdom from the shamanic world without any extensive training. Most people learn to journey effectively at the first workshop! It may take some practice but that is what workshops like the one I am hoping to build, are for! The fact is most people seem to innately know how to do this, we often just need to remember. Journeying is so productive to the process of inner work, much like meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

There’s something very powerful about gathering together with others, choosing a space in the room to anchor yourself, and sink down into the warm energy of the Earth. When that drumming begins (led by the shamanic practitioner guiding the journey), you will follow the path to your inner self. This is a sacred space within you. It is my hope to build a monthly circle, where we can continue to come together and journey as a group. With this group setting, we can bring more stability and connection to others in a time of confusion and chaos.

With journeying, you can meet and connect with your spirit guides, power animals, ancestors and ask them the questions of your heart. You can receive healing and gain new perspective.

Contact me for more information! ❤