New Offering: Embodiment Support Sessions

Recently I shared a quick visualization to draw power into the body, otherwise known as embodiment, and we do this by focusing on the union of Earth and Cosmic energies in the heart space. This process can bring us to deeper connection and increased power with our authentic self. We come to empower our physical body and our spiritual being as one total and complete experience – a full circuit. Never before has it been so important to be truly present in the body, as the energy of the times seems to pull us out and distract our focus. The body presents challenges and we often try to avoid, rather than experience to learn what our body is trying to show us. Embodiment can take you through this process in a grounded and healthy way, so you’re not floating in the clouds as your spiritual awareness is pulled elsewhere.

This process of learning to exist in this state and hold this higher frequency in the body, in a balanced and conscious way, isn’t achieved overnight. Be gentle with yourself, always. As I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship; there is no spiritual aspirin. There is no quick fix – you have to do the work. Slowly, patiently, you build each new experience on the last, follow the threads, and connect the dots of your personal climb to power in this life. Each mission, purpose and direction is unique to you, your soul’s work and what you’re learning & achieving in this lifetime. There is no one size fits all approach. Your spiritual awareness and body awareness are directly connected to how smoothly you move through this incarnation.

Through this experiential awareness that I gathered in my life on my own body-mind-heart quest, I am called to offer support sessions to my fellow traveler, on their journey to embodiment through personalized, one on one embodiment mentoring sessions.

Embodiment offers us the keys to awakening and dreaming awake. Responsible creatorship is where you are driving your life instead of life driving you. We can choose where we put our energy and learn to maintain healthy boundaries in this changing world. There’s so many gifts to a balanced energy body that is flowing clearly and purposefully.

What will a session look like?
First, I will do an energy reading/clearing just prior to our appointment, to see where your current strengths and opportunities are in your energy body. We will meet on Zoom (or phone, if preferred) to have a deep connective conversation. I will be spiritual witness with compassion and respect for your journey and through deep listening, offer support. In our appointment we will go through a personalized, guided meditation, to empower you with the visualizations to break through blockages and protections. This practice will allow you to experience your true self in a deeper, fuller way. We will cultivate your practice to bring you home to yourself, and learn to stand tall in these changing times.

We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – your preference. Each session will build on the next, as we work through the energy centers of the body and learn to master each state of awareness. No commitment – just active co-creation!



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