Cosmic Flow, Stable Earth: Embodiment

Breathing in deeply, bring your awareness to the white glow of cosmic consciousness that emanates from above your head, watching it shine down through the crown. Bring your awareness of this movement into the body, being fully present within your skin. Watch this flow downward through the body, sinking deep into the roots that connect you with the Heart of the Earth. Feel into these roots. Sense the upward flow of stability and with a deep breath, breathe up that beautiful Earth energy that keeps us solid in these dynamic times.

Find yourself here, fully centered in the heart, all your aspects of consciousness brought to this very one moment, in this one breath. Cosmic consciousness in the body, stabilized by the grounding nature of the Earth, you are supported fully. Your body is the sacred, physical expression of your ancient soul. Breathe out all that troubles you, open to receive the pure love of being in the body in this now moment. One with all.

embodiment invocation, higher heart

The practice of centering oneself firmly in the body while drawing in the cosmic flow is the key to embodiment. Living fully in the human form while incorporating the higher levels of consciousness is something many of us are working to master in this life time. How to balance the graceful ways of being, the calm in the storm.

There is so much frenetic energy out there right now, pulling us in every direction it feels like. Some days it is so potent, it seems like we might just lift off the ground! Thoughts scattered, fears circling us like big cats stalking prey. These are the days we should draw ever deeper into our body, into a divine state of BEing. These are the days we feel like we should be DOing, fixing, tending, making. And yes, being proactive is often a useful mechanism in the Earth realm but first we should check in. Am I acting in fear or grace?

Asking yourself, fear or grace, can be difficult when we are afraid – more so if we are angry. If you dig deep enough under anger, fear is hiding like a little child. Anger is the defense mechanism we built around fear to keep us protected in a state of triggered survival. So on some level we can see how from an evolutionary perspective, fear and anger have protected us. The call at this time is to move through the fear and anger, as it can paralyze and stunt our growth if we stay too long – and move into a state of allowing; divine neutrality. When we move to a neutral state of allowing a situation to play out as it is meant to play out, we will be open to receive necessary lessons, blessings, and experiences.

So when we feel that compelling energy to do, do, do – we first want to come into our body fully to integrate these higher consciousness energies. They tend to activate us and stimulate our bodies, feeling the surge of energy, and this may present as a familiar anxious feeling in the chest. Heart expansions will happen when you are working to embody these higher, deeper, more expanded states of Pure Love. Because that is exactly what this wild creation is, Pure Love. Sometimes if we are too focused on doing, we may feel exhausted and overworked. This may be a sign that rest and integration is necessary.

If you are feeling pulled between either of these extremes, either exhausted or wired (sometimes both!) it may be a good time to use the above embodiment invocation. This will bring you back to center so you can mindfully proceed in your day, or peacefully get some much needed rest. Call in your guides and your ancestors to support you in this transition and know they are there for you. It only takes a few breaths to move through this visualization and energy balancing.

When we call in the connection to All, we speak of all beings – the trees, the stones, the grass, the ocean, the sky, the stars, animals, loving spirits, all of our ancestors – human and nonhuman – generations before and after, through out and across time. May what we connect with be in our highest good, for the betterment of ourselves and all beings. Balance. And so it is.

Many blessings on this day, I love you.


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