Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

How are you all feeling today? Yesterday we experienced a huge influx of light energy. Hours after the lunar eclipse, we had a sizable solar flare (M class) as well. The cosmic energies are aligning and working in concert to bring us the upgrades we need to expand our awareness. The sun is like our consciousness projector, shining higher consciousness information down for us to receive and integrate. When a solar flare is released from the sun, it brings light information with it. Solar flares can be experienced as activation/upgrade packets of sent to us from the sun.

We are all receivers for this information in this electromagnetic universe. Much like wifi and our devices – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There is information on the wifi we choose to engage with, and so much we don’t engage with as well. Likewise, we can choose to work with this subtle energy field, engage with what applies to us and discard what doesn’t. When we do inner work and process through personal revelation (those realization “aha!” moments that are personal to us and our own journey), we get clearer on what the information is that we are receiving. With that information, we begin to perceive and interact with life in a higher, expanded way. We are all at different places in this journey; some perceive differently than others, that is what makes us unique and our tapestry expansive. No journey is wrong. Just different. What magically complex times we are living in! There is so much to choose from. Unlimited possibilities. What will you create?

We can use this potent time to transform. You can work through this mentally or better yet, journal about it! Do a little life review. Consider where you’ve been – how has your perception expanded? When you look back over the years, can you sense the shifts in your awareness and capability now versus ten years ago? Five years ago? How about even one year ago?

How can you use these gifts of awareness to align with your purpose?

What thought pattern, behavior or belief no longer serves you & can be released? When we have something to release, we can do this by setting the intention, first and foremost. You could also write a letter to it, and symbolically send it out. Whatever it is, listen to your heart. You are your own best healer.

Blessings in this sacred time, friends. All love!


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