Shamanic Journeying as a Tool

Soon, I’ll be holding a series of monthly workshops to teach the shamanic tool of journeying. I like to think of it as meditation but one step beyond: you go within, quiet your mind, and discover wisdom previously unknown to you, or not yet remembered. This quiet inward journey, to the steady beat of the drum as a guide, will take you to a familiar place of comfort and joy. The soothing, healing sounds of the drum lift your vibration higher as you sink into the calm.

You don’t have to be a shaman to use the shamanic tool of journeying. While a shamanic practitioner will use the journey to assist in a healing for a client, anyone can use the journey to get guidance on any issue or question for themselves. You can access this guidance and timeless wisdom from the shamanic world without any extensive training. Most people learn to journey effectively at the first workshop! It may take some practice but that is what workshops like the one I am hoping to build, are for! The fact is most people seem to innately know how to do this, we often just need to remember. Journeying is so productive to the process of inner work, much like meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

There’s something very powerful about gathering together with others, choosing a space in the room to anchor yourself, and sink down into the warm energy of the Earth. When that drumming begins (led by the shamanic practitioner guiding the journey), you will follow the path to your inner self. This is a sacred space within you. It is my hope to build a monthly circle, where we can continue to come together and journey as a group. With this group setting, we can bring more stability and connection to others in a time of confusion and chaos.

With journeying, you can meet and connect with your spirit guides, power animals, ancestors and ask them the questions of your heart. You can receive healing and gain new perspective.

Contact me for more information! ❤


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