Make Your Space Sacred

When I was looking within and asking spirit for the direction of the work I was to do, what I was to share with the world, a few things came up for me – but one of them was make your space sacred. Over time, it becomes more clear to me what exactly that means and how I can help others bring that to their experience. There are so many opportunities to honor the goodness of this experience, create a space out of the ordinary day to day, that becomes sacred. I’d like to talk about some of these opportunities we have (and may already utilize) to make sacred space for ourselves in our busy lives.

The ultimate and most pure sacred space is within. No matter what is going on with the exterior world, we always have our inner world, deep in our hearts. We know that mind, body, spirit harmony is key to happiness and contentment. That means something different to each of us. I know some folks have a beautiful physical practice that brings them closer to spirit and gets their mind right – for instance, doing yoga or going for a hike in the woods, where they shed negativity and the weight of the modern world, by just being. Meditation and journeying is a wonderful way to get to your center, especially if you feel your life is hectic. People find this center in crafting too – creating with your hands can be very centering! Finding your inner calm is entirely personal. You ground yourself to the earth, you open your mind to the cosmic awareness, look into your heart and there you are – your sacred space. It is from there that you truly create your life. However you get there is entirely personal to you – but it is everywhere you go. What is it that gets you to your sacred space within?

We spend a great deal of our restorative time at home. You may find that somewhere in your home, you’ve placed some of your favorite items that make you feel closer to yourself. This can be seen as your sacred space within the home. Some might call it an altar, and put their sacred objects upon it. This could be anything: beach or river stones, shells, crystals, photos of loved ones, priceless sentimental items, anything that makes you feel closer to spirit. A beautiful connective practice is ancestor appreciation – really feeling gratitude to all the beings who came before us and those who come after us as well. Sending this love and appreciation through time is deeply healing and transformative. Traditionally, folks would even set a place at the table for their ancestors, complete with food and all! What lessons can we learn in spirit from the wise ancestors before us who lived well and died well?

I feel its important to mention that, in this sort of practice we only want to call on our loving ancestors who are of good spiritual health in the other world; not those who we may have known in this lifetime that may still struggle with so-called unfinished business.

Connection with the land you inhabit is deeply restorative to your soul and especially to your sense of belonging. When we reach out to connect with the land, the spirits there tend to feel excited! Again, this can take so many forms – gardening, for example – from a potted plant to a whole food forest – this is a great way to connect with and appreciate the land that supports you. If you’re struggling to find your place in the world, start with a little offering (even just in your heart) to the land you live upon, the Earth beneath your feet. Take a moment to say thank you. You might even take your shoes off and ground there for a moment, truly being there. You may be surprised at how good you feel.

Going back to that heart-center, that sacred space within you, when you feel that deep gratitude and it trickles through your body, is a beautiful place to be. This place is potent, full of healing and positive creation energy. What do you want to create in your life?

In my role as shamanic practitioner, creating sacred space is so important to the work I do with others. This creates a positive, healing, love-infused, spirit supported environment to open up that unlimited potential for all involved. I’ve seen this happen on a personal level, at land healings and in energy clearings in businesses! The joy for me is joining with others and creating something new together. I offer personal sessions (in person or remotely) and land/home/business clearings. This work can even be joined together, where I come to your place of choice, we can clear the space, create a sacred space, and then do some in depth personal work. What can we create together?

In a session of any kind, I create sacred space with the client by gathering in the quiet, calm moment and finding our center. We do this by first grounding into the Earth, and consciously opening up to the expansiveness that is all of creation – the Earth, the sky, the universe and beyond (I’m always in awe at how good that feels). Then, we call in the good, loving spirits that assist us in our lives here on Earth. These spirits are different for everyone – some people acknowledge/call in the directions, all beings of Earth, seen and unseen: trees, plants, animals, fairies etc., our loving ancestor spirits, God, Jesus, whatever and whoever feels right to you. Shamanism is beautiful in that way; it honors all of life, embraces all beliefs – we have our own individual path and how we walk it is entirely up to us. Shamanism embraces all of that and is completely non-conflicting. I have always felt that spirituality was an entirely individual experience – exploring the depths of shamanism really confirmed that for me. All are welcome. ❤

As part of my work in bringing people into their hearts, helping others create and hold sacred space for themselves, I am building an online shop where I’ll be adding sacred objects as inspiration comes so be on the look out for that!

Blessings on your journey!


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